Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    We will definitely stuck while analyzing the popularity and usage of Google's Chrome OS. It is hard to also find fans of this Operating System. Recently Google launched the latest developer version of Chrome OS. This update brings Redesign of Operating System's Interface which had no change from it's launch on 2010. 

Chrome OS's New User Interface
  In this version, Chrome OS has acquired a look of a Traditional Computer Operating System Such As Windows. The OS Was just a Browser until this update but from now, its like a major OS with Window Management System and More. The Hardware Accelerated Window Management System in Chrome OS Is known as Aura. Aura is Chrome's Next Generation User Interface Framework  that creating it's debut through this Developer Version. 
Samsung Chromebook
    Apart from giving users a Web Browser Like experience, now the OS has something more to perform. The OS has a strong resemblance with Windows 7 while the Windows 7 Like Taskbar. Google has also included a Launchpad Like Feature in this OS. still start in a browser tab and not as stand-alone windows, though. Overall, the Browser is being able to be a rival for other main PC OSs with the inborn strength of Google's Mystical Internet Powers. 

Booting Up Of Chromebook
  When taking look at the first time of Google's Chrome OS, It was not able to get involved in all types of Computer Users rather than Full Time Online Geeks/Businessmen. Google wanted to use it to “re-think what operating systems should be.” This new version, however, does away with a bit of this simplicity in favor of greater functionality. Of course the version is ready to dominate mind of PC Users through new features and Interface. So Surely it will be a rival to Windows, Mac soon. Still Google hasn't released price details about Chromebooks and other Specs.