Thursday, January 19, 2012

      Are you using McAfee anti-virus software ? then you must change your current Anti-virus. I am not speaking for a specific company. The latest news states that McAfee anti-virus has been hacked through a loop hole in the programming of a software. And so hackers can easily hi-jack your computers through this loophole. This loophole is making way for spam attack. This problem was found in Total Protection Service of McAfee which is used for web and e-mail analysis. McAfee has reported that they have started development software for patching this problem. This problem was presented first in Kaamar Limited's Blog Post.

            Keith and Annabel Morrigan posted a warning to other owners of the product after receiving a message alerting them to the fact that their server had been sending out spam emails. They said that further research had revealed their computer had been sending out the equivalent of what would have been 10 months' worth of normal traffic in one day. "As an ultimate insult, even McAfee, whose software is at the root of our problems, now rate our email IP as 'High Risk': we can't email them as they have blacklisted us!" they wrote. McAfee Users Please Be Careful.