Monday, April 9, 2012

     Apple is now to concentrate on movies such entertainment features in their devices. The tech giant has taken an Major Step In iCloud Services. Apple has included content from Universal Studios to The List Of Movies And Videos which users of the ‘iTunes in the cloud’ service can re-download after purchase.

  The move has come after words of HBO that they are to relax the strictness on their content with a view to allowing other providers greater access. HBO pays millions of dollars to exclusively broadcast movies during certain ‘windows’ after they are released, and it had previously stopped studios from offering content to subscription and digital marketplaces. According to the following screenshots, content from Universal Studios no longer has the iCloud disclaimer, which is still included with content from Fox.

  Apple's iCloud service was unveiled for public as part of iPad launch. The iCloud Computing is allowing customers to sync movie and TV show purchases between Apple devices. And the introduction of Universal Studio into iCloud Service is such amazing while it is providing users Content on iTunes and other Apple services has traditionally been seen as closed by many, however iCloud is aimed at providing greater freedom and ease of users, particularly those that own multiple Apple devices.

   If the movies are getting added to the iCloud, it will be useful for users to hang out with entertainment as well for apple to increase their popularity and cloud computing platform's reputation. So Best Of Luck for Apple to open an gateway for Apple users to infinite entertainment.