Wednesday, April 11, 2012

 In most times of web, Simple is being Favorited and great and All Internet Giants should know this fact. Being the Internet Cum Tech Giant, Google has realized this fact and is adopting this feature to their Social Network, Google+ with 170 Million Users. Today Google Has Announced That It Will Provide A Redesigned Version Of Google Plus With New Graphical Features And A New Hangout Interface. 

  This announcement was made in Google's Official Blog Post. The company adds that Google Plus Has 170 Million Users. Senior Vice President, Kim Gundotra also remarked that Google is now accelerating their works  “to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.” Let us have a look on these redesign The design is still not available (For Me)

New Navigation

  Google Plus has removed the Home Navigation bar and introduced a dynamic ribbon of applications on the left that can be dragged up or down to create the order that you want. If you hover on some of them, those buttons will reveal a set of quick actions or remove them altogether.

    Google is offering more comfortable navigation through this navigation Bar and also to adjust your preferences as you come to use it. So the company could roll out up to date features and allow users to select what they need.

New Type Of Conversations

   Google Plus is to add a new conversation page in this redesign. This page will allow “full bleed” of photos and videos that will make your media pop out when you post it to Google+. The company has also introduced a stream of what it calls conversation “cards”, which makes it easier for people to find and join discussions. 

Conversations Page
  As you can see in the above image its a nice design filled which can be comfortably operated. 

New Hangouts Page

  The update has eaten the old hangouts page and added a new one. Meanwhile you will have an always-updated list of invitations from the people in your circles, quick access to every public and On Air hangout. They have included a billboard of popular hangouts like pro tips and other items that you don't want to miss.

Hangouts Page
  Team has redesigned the explore pages too that shows what it interesting or what is ‘Hot’ across the social network. And also provides chance to display big photos in this social network as Facebook had recently updated their photo layout. Google plus also offers an updated Chat list that makes it easier to connect with friends in real-time.

Explore Pages
  Since Kim Gundotra remarked that they are to develop an simple google, these features will surely migrate to Gmail, Youtube and other Google Services even the first chance is for Google Plus. Anyway this simple design will be useful for me because Google+ used to stuck in my slow connection and also show that "CSS Error".