Wednesday, April 18, 2012

   Google has released a new version of Chrome For Android Beta which brings 31 More Languages and Easier Viewing Of Desktop Versions of sites as well as the ability to add bookmarks and shortcuts to the home screen as icons.

 The new version allows users to request desktop version of website for their browser where just a mobile version is enough for your needs. This is a nice improvement as a browser-wide toggle is the best way to handle this. Sadly, some web developers don’t give you a toggle to the desktop version in the design of the site.

  In this new version, you can add your bookmarks and shortcuts to websites directly to your home-screen, so to jump to your favourit content through just a tap. Of course its a nice feature for frequent mobile internet users. Chrome for Android now also uses the system proxy built into Android. A few additional changes have been made as well. And other new features included in this update are, 

  • Allow for download of files to the device
  • Complex Text Layout (CTL) and Right to Left (RTL) text support in rendered pages
  • Enable old-style YouTube embed content to be played via native YouTube app
  • Support for country-specific suggested search engines.
  • You can now use Chrome with the system proxy configured in Android settings.

 Download Chrome For Android