Tuesday, April 17, 2012

 Finally Microsoft has renamed it!. As expected earlier, Microsoft has added that Windows Server 8 Will Be Called Windows Server 2012 from Now. The Tech Giant used it's blog post to also add that the Software Will Be Released later this year. 

   Microsoft calls it a ‘Cloud-Optimized OS.’ Beta version of this product was unveiled in last March. Windows Server 8 Windows Server 2012 contains a new version of Hyper-V, which supports multi-tenant capabilities for cloud computing.

  Microsoft also touted the product’s “tremendous amount of new capabilities for multi-machine management and automation.” Windows Server 2012 also includes Resilient File System, or ReFS, which will grant new power to manage huge amounts of data, protecting it from corruption and other deleterious fates. Additionally, Windows Server 2012 provides a Powerful Server Application Platform that enables you to develop and host the most demanding of application workloads.

 If you are interested in being aware of Windows Server 2012 through it's beta, You can Head To Here. Hope Microsoft will hit goal in this version of Cloud Computing too.