Friday, March 16, 2012

    Amazon's Kindle App for iOS Powered Devices has been updated today with mainly Supporting, Retina Display which was packed up with iPad 3. This update is also bringing along with it a slick new look, much faster native feel, super fast browsing of books and media stored in the cloud and more. Actually its much faster than previous and the Design of Library is nice. 

   For accessing your publications in Amazon’s cloud, you just tap the ‘Cloud’ button at the bottom. Reading percentages are now shown in both views. If you can't read it one time, you may read it in another device. A Tap will force the file to download and we could also swap back to device view with other Tap. 

  You can select publication through list view or Thumbnail view. But the major feature still missing in this App is margin sizes. This update is very nice and useful for publishers by letting them to spread their content easily and letting readers to read it too. You can download Kindle For iOS From Following Link

* More Screenshots