Friday, March 16, 2012

Hope you are familiar with famous TEDTalks. Finally TED Has Released Their Official Android App Which Enables Users To Browse, Bookmark, Search and Watch the Full Library of 1,200+ TEDTalks, which range from 3 to 18 minutes in length. This Official Android app is available in the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore .
 Main mobile features included in this Android App are, 
  • Up-to-the-minute videos: TEDTalks are published daily, and Android app users can see the latest TEDTalks videos as soon as they're available online.
  • Browse + search: Whether they're online or off, users can browse the entire TED library – by theme, tag, rating or popularity – and search for a talk by speaker name or topic.
  • Easy sharing: Users who are inspired by a talk can share it easily over Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Bookmarks.  Users can mark and save talks for viewing later within their "My Talks" tab
  • Offline viewing: The app is designed to support a mobile lifestyle, in which users move fluidly between online and offline use. Users can download video and audio directly to the device to watch on the plane or other locations where Internet connectivity may not be possible. The full library is searchable in offline mode.
  • Curated audio stream. Out for a jog, Multi-Tasking, or just interested in listening, TED app users can listen to TEDTalks, either on an individual basis or through TED's curated audio stream. 

 You can download Official TED Application for Android Powered Smartphones and Tablet Computers from,