Thursday, March 8, 2012

After the presence and flashing of lot of rumors, Apple has finally announced their brand new version of Tablet PC, iPad 3 Which is a 3rd Generation Tablet PC. This version comes with a packed Retina display which forced CEO Tim Cook to say that “Until you see it, you can’t understand how amazing it is” 

Tim Cook Comparing iPad 2 And iPad 3.
    The New iPad is available for $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB and $629, $729 and $829 for 4G Versions. And those varieties will be available in on March 26th in US and you can Pre-Order it today itself. If you want a WiFi+3G Model, you have to pay just $399 and $529 for 16GB and 32GB Versions respectively. Well after the pricing, let’s have a look on, how iPad 3 contains change.

Main Specifications

* High Resolution Display 2048*1535 at Pixel Density of 264 PPI (3.1 MP)
* A5X Quad Processor with Improved Quad Core Graphics
* 10 Hour Battery Balance
* 9.4 mm thick and weighs 1.4 Pounds
* iSight Camera of 5 Mega Pixel with Illuminated Sensor of 5 Element Sensor and IR Filter
* HD Movie Recording with 1080p

More about iPad 3

CEO, Tim Cook Announcing iPad 3
Features: This device is powered with iOS v5.1. And the Japanese supported SIRI is also included in this version. Among SIRI, Apple’s iPad consist of Voice Dictation Feature for Live Transcription of Your Voice.

Voice Dictation
Network:  As the rumor said yesterday, Apple IPad is powered with Quad Core LTE 4G Capabilities which can increase data access speed hence give us faster Data downloads and connectivity options. The Chip also includes 3G HSPA+ Option upto 21 Mbps and HSDPA Option upto 42 Mbps Speed. LTE Technologies are available with Verizon Wireless and AT&T in US. A new addition also makes Apple IPad 3 to act as a 4G Hotspot Too.

Brand New iPhoto
    Some apps have got updated with this tablet including iWork, iMove and Garage Band. And if you are a iPad or iPad 2 User, you can get a free update too. Apple has also Released Brand New iPhoto for IPad 3 which enables a basic photo editing photo beaming from device to device and a new photo journals feature. The new iPhoto offers gesture focused photo editing options like, automatic horizon straightening as well as more detailed information about the imported image even its taken with 19 MP.

    Apple has also announced an Upgrade to iTunes in Cloud Product for supporting seamlessly streaming purchased movies in iOS devices even with 1080p Quality.

 A New Version of Apple TV was also made in this event that supports 1080p and with Newly designed Interface options. It still runs $99 and available from Next Week.

          In this event, CEO, Tim Cook had spoke about role of Apple as a Post PC. “We are talking about a world where the PC is no longer centre of your digital collections But is just another device. The devices you use the most are more portable personal and dramatically easier to use than any PC has ever been. The iPad is reinventing the Personal Computing”

 In the last year, Apple had sold 172 Million Post PC devices. If you are counting iPad  as a PC, its being outsold every other major manufacturer last quarter with 15.4 Million Units in sales when Apple has of 62 Million Only in Q4. Which is non other than higher and higher.

 And through this new device along with release of New features, Apple is aiming an bright and constant place at the world of Personal Computing and Post-PC as the CEO Said. 

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