Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 Google is always surprising us by introducing latest and useful features to Google Account Users. Google Has Introduced "Account Activity" Dashboard Feature Today. Enabling this service will send you a password encrypted email which gives a complete overview and insights of Google Account and Google Powered Services. Of course, you have to sign in with Google Account Services in order to access this overview.

 The Internet Giant Google says about this feature in their Blog Post That :

“Knowing more about your own account activity also can help you take steps to protect your Google Account. For example, if you notice sign-ins from countries where you haven’t been or devices you’ve never owned, you can change your password immediately and sign up for the extra level of security provided by 2-step verification.”

 This feature is giving users a complete set of insights on Google services. This will be useful for monitoring your activity across the board. And all your Google-ness is centralized under one account now, so YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Search, Google+ etc all fall under one account. You can analyze your E-Mail habits, Searched Content, Places you have logged in from and lot more. If you have signed up for this service, you will get a report soon. What you have to do is just Opt In To This Service. 

But just one thing to remember, Google says that deletion at the data source, “e.g. in your Web History”, won’t impact your reports. But of course you can delete this reports too before it is being hacked (Who knows the real hackers ?)