Wednesday, March 28, 2012

   Famous Micro-Blogging Platform, Tumblr Has Crossed 20 Billion Posts Today And About Consists 50 Million Hosted Blogs. This News was Announced in Twitter @Tumblr. It has 49,730,183 Hosted Blogging as featured in their About Page. 

  On May 1, 2011, Tumblr included more than 5 billion Total Posts and over 17.5 million total blogs, hitting 10 billion in September. This stats are showing that the users of service has been doubled in this time period. 

  Tumblr’s CEO said that Tumblr will go “all in” and expand on the East Coast, bringing in talent from all over the country to work in New York. The Tumblr founder says he doesn't believe it’s easy for new users to immediately use the service and start interacting with Tumblr blogs, the team is aiming to make it easier for people to find, digest and share content in the future.

  CEO Of Tumblr, Karp said that the average Tumblr blog is re-blogged nine times, helping to distribute user content to wider audiences via RSS, Twitter, Facebook and other social sharing services, that can be synchronized with the blogging platform. Even it hasn't become much popular in our country and community whatever may be the reason. And its sure that the growth will let Tumblr team to build up more and expand the service.