Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Aces Hangout
      The most waited moment of Google Plus loving Web Developers has come. Google Plus Team Has Announced Hangouts API Along with A New App Section for Hangouts in order to support Developer's creative thoughts. Google team adds something about this feature.

     One of the most important ways we connect with others is in person. That’s why we’re so excited about Google+ Hangouts, and why we launched a preview of the Hangouts API a few months ago. Today we’re moving this API out of preview, and enabling developers to launch and share their hangout apps with the entire Google+ community!
   Hangout apps are regular web apps, running in a big window inside the Hangout UI. In addition to using shared-state APIs to give users real-time interactivity, you also have access to built-in Hangout features.

   And in the mentioned App Section, the company will add some nice apps including a poker game named 'Aces Hangout'. The section will also consist of all of the effects that Google+ has been building internally. The apps section includes Apps like Aces Hangout, Cacoo, Scoot & Doodle, Slideshare, Clubhouse Challenge by Bravo, And Google Effects. The Hangouts API Will let you to
  • Initiate a group video chat with up to 10 people 
  • Control hangout microphones, cameras, speakers and volume levels 
  • Add sound effects and attach image overlays to faces 
  • Set UI elements such as the video feed, chat pane, and notifications

   And recently, Hangouts had get some features like Google Voice and Google Docs Integration to it. These new apps will appeal to regular consumers who want to chat with friends or family over video. So hangouts are becoming a better way to set up a internet powered conference for buissness more than Skype or FaceTime.

 So the competition is being tight and Google is trying to find their own identity in the world of Social Networking too by introducing such features which are suitable for both Buissness and personal communication. Still being the famous social network, Facebook is not trying to get engaged in Video Chat Features while others are stepping up.