Thursday, March 29, 2012

  Google Chrome has hit its Version 18 (18.0.1025.142). And this update is bringing Better Graphical Features Along With Fixing A Lot Of Bugs. Google Chrome has been released to its stable channel for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.
    Nine of the security fixes included in the update were demonstrated at Pwnium, with Google paying out $4,000 for the bugs' disclosure. Google Chrome Hacking Contest has closed recently and Russian student Sergey Glazunov won price worth $60,000 as offered. Chrome Team has also included GPU-accelerated Canvas2D on capable Windows and Mac computers, which should make web applications like games perform even better than a pure software implementation. GPU-accelerated Canvas2D has previously been enabled in the Beta channel for quite some time. So the developers were able to test this feature earlier. 

   WebGL enables compelling 3D content on the web, so we want to ensure that as many users as possible have access to this technology. That’s why they've enabled SwiftShader, a software rasterizer licensed from our friends at TransGaming. Google Chrome's update also consist the Latest Version Of Adobe Flash Player.

    You can update your Google Chrome by Settings Button --> About Google Chrome. And Google Chrome will start updating Automatically. Or Download Google Chrome From Here