Thursday, March 29, 2012

  Amazon has Announced Kindle Fire Update 6.3 Today and It is Live Now. The Software is to step up to Version 6.3 through this update. And the update can be Directly Downloaded From Here And Over The Air. 

    This update includes the ability to share within books. Notes and highlights can be now be shared while reading, making it easy to see what other readers are saying about their books. And it will be useful for students and joint note taking. Among these, the update include Book Extras that provide supplemental material, an archive of personal documents, a special reading view for Amazon Silk and timing changes to movie rentals.

     Please note one thing. This update will Un-Root your Kindle Device if you have rooted it. For more information, including detailed instructions on the process, check out This Thread on XDA.” And you can learn more about this update from Amazon's Official Post