Monday, March 5, 2012

 I don't know whether a web browser could increase or decrease the intelligence of user. But the chrome is very much different as per Google CEO Larry Page's view. That may be the reason by which that is concluded that Google Chrome Users Have More Numerical Intelligence Than that of Others including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

 According to Calcudoku, A Number Puzzle Website which published a study based on based on 2010 and 2011 usage data and parsed it by the browser of choice by its players. This data is based on the time taken to solve the puzzle. And the dominating one is Google Chrome. Internet Explorer and Mozilla are the other opponents where Safari is not considered. 
 According to the statistics shown before, Firefox and Internet Explorer has got Second and Third places respectively. Which means Chrome users were able to solve Calcudoku Problems than users of IE And Firefox. This study can be never considered as a major one since the number of users included in this study is very very low. The company also remarks with this study that, 

These differences were found to be statistically significant (p = 5%). Based on the fact that Chrome users solve Calcudoku number puzzles the fastest, and that IE users give up on solving them the most, it appears that Chrome users have the highest numerical intelligence, followed by Firefox users, then by Internet Explorer users. Note that it does not follow that using Chrome makes you smarter, for example (“correlation does not imply causation”). Also, we can only speculate about the causes of the differences: perhaps Chrome is the browser of choice for more technically inclined people, who tend to have better number skills. And maybe because IE is the default browser for Windows, people who do not choose a different browser possibly are less technically skilled.

     But i think Google CEO has misunderstood this study as a major one. Because his post is symbolizing this fact. He has posted in Google+ that Google Chrome users have more numerical Intelligence than Other Browsers. But we may be concluded that the Chrome Users are higher in number who plays this game or hat everyone who uses Calcudoku’s site works at Google. Whatever it is the CEO is excited isn't he ? Look at the post shown below. 
Larry Page's Google+ Post