Monday, March 5, 2012

 Android has now become the Most Dominating and Most Popular Mobile Web Browser by overtaking other one, Opera Mini. now the Google-owned operating system is the owner of the mobile Web’s most used browser as per the stats from StatsCounter. The chart (click to enlarge), which plots the use of mobile Internet browsers over the last twelve months, shows significant growth from Android, which had only just overtaken BlackBerry to fourth place one year ago.

Opera, which is particularly popular in Africa and Asia, sits in second and the firm will look to increase its share with the newly released Developer Beta Version of its popular Opera Mini Browser, aimed at giving users a more advanced and social mobile Web experience. Even the Android is of Google, Google's famous and Intelligent Browser Google Chrome for Android hasn't get a nice place in this stats.

  Other interesting trends see BlackBerry’s share of Web browsing continue to plummet, while Nokia has also seen its browser account for less Web browsing over the period. And the stats are enough to remark that Android is growing massively and, if not now, it is soon likely to be the mobile Web’s most used browser.