Sunday, March 4, 2012

Aren't Muslims Much Aware Of Internet ? Does Muslim Region As Middle East Need A Filtered and Curated Web ? Finding answers to those given questions are not much easy and i think you will not get a correct Answer too. Whatever it is Some Serbian Entrepreneurs are not ready to wear this adjective with them even it it true or not. Meanwhile they are in the way of Creating A Muslim Community Whole-over the World Wide Web. 

     Speaking to Turkish daily, Hürriyet, Abdulvahed Niyazov gave some insight into why he’s Launching A ‘Halal’ Version Of Facebook This July, Also Coinciding with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.Launching out of Turkey, Niyazov told Hürriyet ”Muslims in the world are not well-represented on the Internet; we want to change this situation,” adding “However, we’re not constructing an Internet mosque, we are just creating a halal environment for Muslims.”.
  As a Muslim Community, Salamworld has become a main topic which has been discussed even in Washington Post and PRI’s The World. And this upcoming Venture is actually considered as a "Muslim Facebook"

Salamworld ?
  A Correct description for this service is not available because the site is in state of Opening Soon. Even though a Description found in a Video About Salamworld is , “The world’s first global, innovative, protected from harmful content, multi-language, and multi-cultural IT project. We created a virtual, model society, in the climate of peace and a package of halal Internet services, that answer to the needs and requirements of the modern Muslim.”

 Salamworld is not giving an proper atmosphere for their Muslim Users and they know it. Thats why they said “The content that is being used on other social networks is not very secure…We don’t want our young people to absorb all these ideas that are not familiar to them.” Still its not being a first site offering Family-Oriented Content to Muslims neither a first alternate for Facebook since IkhwanBook stands there.

 Salamworld compares itself to location-based social networks such as China’s QZone and Russia VKontakte, but as Facebook continues to grow, it is slowly but surelyedging outing any localized competition it meets. We should wait and see for knowing whether Salamworld is enough to be a global Muslim Community among World Wide Web Or Not ?