Thursday, March 22, 2012

  A South Korean Media has reported today that Apple's New iPhone Will Be Launched In Second Quarter Of 2012. And Apple's this device will have better display performance through 4.6 Inch Retina Display. 

 Retina Display is now familiar to us after Retina Display powered iPad 3's Launch. But Apple's major touch screen template has been changed by adding it a increased Screen Size. The source also claims that the company has given orders to Display Manufacturers. 

  Even the Apple's Mobile devices have been keeping a Display Template, other Major Mobile Manufacturers had introduced better performance in Display Quality. If Assuming that the source is true, The upcoming iPhone will be a tight challenger to Samsung's OLED Display Powered Samsung Galaxy S II.

Difference Between Regular Display And Retina Display

 The latest version of Apple iPhone, iPhone 4 S was announced in last October with the power of SIRI, the breed of Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Devices. So we can expect more features in this device whether it is in the mentioned time or not. Because Apple never makes us sad by the absence of features.