Sunday, December 11, 2011

Artificial Intelligence+Technology = SIRI

All of us have probably known about SIRI, which is an i-phone Application announced with i-phone 4s. "SIRI" was the combined result of mobile technology and artificial intelligence. And also was a high level contribution to tech world from Apple Computers. SIRI had shown it's features in no time and even became a Personal Assistant for Apple i-phone 4s users. SIRI was ready to give the proper answer for your question by swimming in to the large world of web and technology so it has became the one and only app which belongs to the Artificial Intelligence technology. 
        But now i am talking about the funny things which are included with SIRI since it provides some strange and funny answers for our useless questions. And this has became a  big news in tech world. SIRI is a clean personal assistant for who uses the service properly. But human's mentality to find an bad way in each technology is not making SIRI angry or hanged because it provides answer for each question even it is dirty or useless. And this work is showing the real talent of artificial intelligence and the hardwork of developers of such an Application. And the SIRI fans have also published some websites which shows us the funny answers by SIRI when it was faced such questions.

These are the website which displays SIRI's funny answers when you ask that type of questions. You can also add your own experience with SIRI to those website