Monday, March 5, 2012

   Microsoft's Latest Study Is Now Making An Conclusion That the Cloud Computing is Going To make An awesome Tech ERA. Meanwhile making strong the used phrase 'Cloud Computing a New ERA.' The Future is of Cloud Computing Based Providers, While assuming that the Report From IDC Is Correct. 

   The study Commissioned By Tech Builders, Microsoft (They Are Building Technologies Sometimes. Right ?) Remarks that Cloud Computing will Provide 14 Million Jobs By The End Of 2015. It has been also found that also found that IT innovation created by Cloud Computing Could Produce $1.1 Trillion A Year In New Business Revenues. 

    “The cloud is going to have a huge impact on job creation,” says Susan Hauser, Microsoft corporate vice president of the Worldwide Enterprise and Partner Group. “It’s a transformative technology that will drive down costs, spur innovation, and open up new jobs and skillsets across the globe.”

    When IDC Report is believed, Shifting to Cloud Computing Services will cut costs as well as creating 1.2 Million IT Jobs by 2015 Including Only North America. The Study also Remarks that most new jobs created as a result of the growth of the cloud computing industry as a whole will be generated in emerging markets. India and China, in particular, Are Expected To Produce Nearly 6.8 million “Cloud-Enabled Jobs” between 2011 and 2015. 

  This study is making a Good View Against Cloud Computing as a Technology ERA. Hence finding an plenty of Jobs In That Field. By The Way, Good News For Pupils who studies IT Based Courses. Try to find some ways to Get Engaged and thus study About Cloud Computing.