Monday, March 5, 2012

   Hope you have read the article about Nokia's Crazy Mobile Device, Nokia 808 Pureview With 41 MegaPixel Camera. Even though the Technology was awesome, The Main Problem was it's Operating System Which Is Slowly Dying Symbian Platform Because we were expecting this Technology in Windows Phone Powered Smartphones Instead Of Symbian Belle. 

 Anyway Happy News for Windows Phone Lovers ! Nokia Has Confirmed that Pureview Technology Is Getting Headed To The Lumia Smartphone Series As A Part Of Lumia Line. This Smartphone is expected to arrived with Windows Phone 8 Appolo Update with some cool features. The camera continues to be a big focus among consumers, and one that leaps as far ahead as this PureView tech is sure to make waves.

Windows Phones have thus far really only had the Nokia name and the platform behind them. Spec/hardware wise, they haven’t been highly competitive yet.