Sunday, February 19, 2012

     I think Facebook India is totally fed up of those petitions which made Indian court to order Web Giants Including Google And Facebook due to Objectionable Content. As Per the report of Times Of India, a new petition has been sent to the high court by network analyst Pradeep Kumar Manukonda, who is requesting that the World’s Largest Social Network Makes Its Users Authenticate Accounts With Official Identification Documents.
    The petition also fights against some security problems seen in Facebook. First of all, the deleted Facebook accounts are existing in their server and Facebook's security is not able to properly stop fake account creation. Thousands of Fake Accounts seen in Facebook is an example. Fake and anonymous accounts have been a key part of previous court hearings that are concerned with unsuitable content, which is reported to include images that degrade religious figures. The new action is aimed at Cutting Down On Anonymous and Fake Profiles.The petition charged the site with allowing creation of profiles without verification of the authenticity of users. Although the site's terms tell us that it is not permissible to create user accounts of others without their permission, it is not taking any precautions while registering new user accounts and as a result of this several pseudonym and anonymous user accounts with fake names are surfacing, the petitioner said.

Pradeep also mentioned the strong information technology laws in US, UK and China saying that India's relatively new IT Act 2000 was not stringent enough. Although telecom minister Kapil Sibal has said that stricter rules would be brought in, things have been left where they were, the petitioner lamented. Those type of petitions are needed for keeping Worlds Largest Social Network clean. Or 'Facebook' May Change To 'Fakebook' Its Almost A Fakebook Isn't It ?