Saturday, February 18, 2012

 The technology is getting changed day by day through being involved in all fields. Hope you may have read about MIT's Wirelessly controlled chip. Keeping our Mobile fully charged is not much easy. There are so many ways to re-charge battery of our Mobile devices including Solar Cells. But here is a different way, which lets you to Recharge Your Batteries With Using Some Water. This awesome future technology is presented by a Swedish company Powertekk. 

 Actually its a chemical charger since many chemicals are involved in this process. One table spoon water is only needed for producing the electricity for 10 Hours battery backup. Portability have selected as one of its important feature. Powertekk's charger can be no longer considered only as a mobile charger. You may recharge your Tablet / Camera / GPS Or Anything which has USB charger support. There are no conditions for working this equipment. The recharging will be done even there is no pure water and specific weather conditions. This charger will be more useful in travels while the destination have no electricity supply. 

 Lets check some Chemistry. As an exception, Water is getting reacted with chemicals and forms Hydrogen. This hydrogen charges the hydrogen battery in this gadget. And so the mobile battery is charged. PowerPukk Kit which includes chemicals as Sodium Silicide is used in this device. And company states this device as an Eco-Friendly one and they also remarks that the device only emits a little amount of smoke. This device is available in US for $200 and for 200 Euro in Europe. Isn't it the real future tech which helps to regulate the energy crisis ?