Monday, February 20, 2012

 Technology  and Globalization are the two things which get blamed always when we face a disaster of Languages or a reading culture. There are no specific reason for this. Lots of us are reading through latest technologies more than Books then how it could effect reading habits and culture badly ?. Whatever it may be lets know about a new move, a digital move Which Helps To Preserve Endangered Languages Completely Digitally. 

iPhone App Used For Tuvan Language Teaching

  About 7000 languages are there in our earth but half of them are expected to be existing only till half of this century. But this blaming is not more sustainable. As a start of help through this digital ways, North American Tribes Now Use Social Media To Re-engage Their Young, for example. Tuvan, an indigenous tongue spoken by nomadic peoples in Siberia and Mongolia, even has an iPhone App to teach the pronunciation of words to new students.
    "Small languages are using social media, YouTube, text messaging and various technologies to expand their voice and expand their presence," 

     Said K David Harrison, an associate professor of linguistics at Swarthmore College and a National Geographic Fellow. Harrison, who travels the world to seek out the last speakers of vanishing languages, has been describing his work here at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Harrison has also helped to Develop Eight Talking Dictionaries with National Geographic. 
          These dictionaries contain more than 32,000 Word Entries In Eight Endangered Languages. All the audio recordings have been made by native speakers, some of whom like Alfred "Bud" Lane are among the last fluent individuals in their native tongues. Still we can conclude that Harrison is not underestimating these technology since he says that not all languages can survive, and many inevitably will be lost as remaining speakers die off. But he says the new digital tools do offer a way back from the brink for a lot of languages that seemed doomed just a few years ago.
      The number of languages saved with through this venture, deals with nothing. What we have to think whether we could help to let the language exist or not. This venture has also became an point for Technology and Globalization which get blamed in those cases.