Monday, February 13, 2012

  About One Week ago it had been spread about Google's brand new Entertainment Device is getting ready in the backstage and may launch soon. And now it has grabbed an clear vision by stating that Google is Testing Their Entertainment Device In Employees.

    According to Google, its a new step and their contribution to Entertainment World which is loved by everyone.Actually its a 'Next Generation Personal Communication Device' when listening to most of reports. This topic has been frequently discussed since its also a challenge to companies like Apple to exist in the entertainment world. The Device will also make you able to use Google items like YouTube videos, the Google Music Beta, Android Music and the Android Market, not to forget all of the custom Android apps. The Google+ social network could allow for real-time sharing, and of course this all points the Big Daddy of Google Search.

Hope So ?

     The company has mainly focused on developing the Android operating system that powers devices such as smartphones, tablets and televisions. Even Google has allowed other companies to customize and use this platform in their products, An Android powered device from Google is missing. Google still makes the vast majority of its money from Internet search. But as computing detaches from the desktop and laptop, the company cannot afford to be marginalized. The new device is an effort to control the design, production and sale of an entertainment device, just as its competitors have done so successfully. So Google is making a carpet to the World Behind PC Screens and may be trying to be an Media Giant more than an Internet Giant Soon.