Friday, February 10, 2012

Paypal is now testing their brand new feature QR Code Based Mobile Shopping In Singapore Metro Areas. This feature will allows people to buy goodies through a simple QR reader application in their smartphone. he experiment is taking place at 15 stations on the country’s metro system (SMRT). 

      According to Singapore Metro Areas, this service will be more useful and spreadable in high amount since there are Citywide Free WiFi connectivity and full Mobile And Data Coverage. And the users have to do for using this service is Installing the Paypal QR Code Application In Their Smartphone. Then you can scan the QR code of product and get it by logging into Paypal account of giving your credit card details. Even mobile payments are getting rapidly spread in US, still Asian countries remain almost unknown by this feature. 
      Singapore has been the setting for trials around contactless payments, NFC-based commerce and other such pilots. And also hope this feature will step up to other Asian countries soon.