Thursday, February 16, 2012

 I felt some major changes when i accessed my Google Homepage from PC after the interval of 3 days. I think those changes were reported as a Chrome experiment and if you were interested in it, you were also able to add it to your homepage. Whatever it is, Now Google has added some Changes to Page which deals with a change in total layout.This feature is also available in Mozilla Firefox Too (Its clear the change is not the effect of chrome experiment) 

   First change i noticed is the top bar. The bar has covered with Dark Black, And White Letters are present now which Blinks when cursor covers button. Sign in button has left it's place from top to a little bit downer with a new button.

 Drop down menu which appears from 'More' has also got with bold buttons and blinking effect. When you have signed into your Google account sign in button makes way for sharing and checking Google+ Notifications.

 Buttons When Signed In Or Not