Friday, December 2, 2011

 YouTube Re-Designs 
      The essential fever of change has also caught the famous Youtube. And from the homepage, Youtube has changed a lot due to the personalisation of video viewing.
     An activity feed view dominates the middle of the page, while a left-hand navigation bar provides a set of filters for what you see in the feed. Google + and Facebook has own their prime space on the navigation panel as google + videos are added since we integrate our Youtube and g+ accounts. The Facebook integration is a bit more surprising considering that it’s the main social competitor out there. the bar includes a YouTube-curated section showing Trending, Popular and Music channels, and another section showing recommended channels. Youtube has also added some templates for channel pages which is apt for different purposes mainly based on the video type.
  • The Blogger template: A featured video, a reverse chronological list of videos from 1 playlist of your choosing, playlists, and other Channels.
  • The Creator template: A featured video, featured playlists, and other Channels.
  • The Network template: A featured video and featured Channels
  • The Everything template: A featured video, featured playlists, and featured Channels
  And in the case of channel pages a little more features are also added in the navigation bar.such as Liking a video, Commenting on a video, Subscribing to a Channel, Favoriting a video, Uploading a video, and Adding a video to a playlist. Anyway hope these change will make Youtube more famous and favourit of users....