Thursday, December 1, 2011

Earthquake Onlinized    

Now these days all services are being 'onlinized' the number of online services can be denoted by the sign of Infinity. Most of us are also users of those services. And today lets see another online service, a earthquake study system. We usually knows about earthquakes and its characteristics by media. Since this service is onlinized, we can know even minute details about an earthquake from USGS's { United States Geological Survey } Website we can know all about an earthquake which was happened in any corner of our earth. we can become known about earthquake's origin , rate of strength , and also the correct place of that earthquake. we can use this service in the form of RSS feeds , tweets , and also in Google Earth. And a desktop notification software is also provided with this service. Those details are given below. 

Website                   :

RSS                          :

Twitter                    :!/USGSted

Google Earth KML : earthquake. kml.php

Desktop Notifier     :