Friday, December 2, 2011

    Spy-Files From WikiLeaks 

 Latest documents from WikiLeaks' hit the web this week, providing the world with a scarily thorough breakdown of a thoroughly scary industry - government surveillance. The new project " Spy Files " has been started co-operated with Privacy International as well as media in 6 various countries. 
                       As the first step of this project, Wikileaks has published 160 country names who makes the high profit from surveillance industry including huge corporation like siemens, northrop Grumman, and Alcatel Lucent. And Wikileaks has also reported that some countries in northern Asia is also using the technologies and services from these companies. Wikileaks has published about 287 Documents which are making the investigation about surveillance industry all over the world. And all these data are provided in "Spy Files website " which is just opened in this Thursday. most of this are the marketing documents and publishing media. 
                               Other organisations like Bugged Planet Beauro  of investigative journalism , Washington post is also supporting this "Spy Files" Project. Making internet users well known about this surveillance industry is the aim of this project as well as it passed information about this problems to webbers.