Monday, December 5, 2011

 The Metro Update for Xbox 360 is waiting to be launched today and to arrive your gaming consoles in this week. And this update is a milestone in the gaming field of Microsoft.
                                        Still Xbox is existing as a media centre which allows you to enjoy videos, music and more through downloading or through live streaming. But this update is making this process very simple but great while we can access media from other famous content providers such as Youtube as well as the source of Microsoft. And this update is blessing Windows Phone Users to manage their media very compactly since Metro Update converts windows phone to a remote control of Xbox. And when studying the visual & User Interface change in this update we could feel the presence of Windows 8. Tile view and other UI components  in windows 8 has also assured their place in this update. And the other main change in this update is in the case of search of contents. Now, the search will display only the media contents instead of general web results as an example, if we search with the keyword " Harry Potter " The Xbox will only give the media results such as films, games, music, etc and not give This result. And the power of Kinect enabled apps in this update will the sliding experience of tiles in this Xbox. 
                                                                             And this news show that the media cold war between google and Microsoft is becoming more strong when the Xbox's media capability increase with this update. And another media device in the list which includes Google TV & Apple TV Lets see who will win..............
Web Search In Xbox [ Bing Search ]

Tile View In Xbox Metro Update