Monday, December 5, 2011

  Its a post for Androiders those who use and love Android Operating System. Here i am posting some tips which will help Android mobilers to make up their android device more Good looking as well as caring the performance. 

Home Launcher : A Friend Makes A " Phone Friend "
   As we know GUI [ Graphic User Interface ] is the basic and essential part which allows us to enjoy the features of mobile. And sometimes GUI is the entrance to the awesome world of mobile devices. Some mobile device manufacturers provide their own GUI with device HTC'S Sense 3.0 is an example.Or we can download proper and useful stock GUI from Android market. The use of devices will be much easier if the way to each application is becoming simple and so there we can use Home-Launcher Application to make the complex Android OS more easier and compact to use. Here i am writing about some useful and Favorited Home-Launcher apps.

        Its one of the most favorite and famous Home-Launcher app available in Android market. There are some specifications and features of Go Launcher Ex which gives a special place for this app. 

Home Pages : There are a number of home pages and we can place icons in each homepage.And we can move list of icons between homepages. 

Variety Of Themes : Lot of themes are available in Android Store which supports Go Launcher Ex. [  Even, themes imitating Apple's UI is available ]

Go Applications & Widgets : So many Applications and Widgets are provided in Go-Store with Go Launcher Ex. We can download apps such as Task manager, twitter, go-photo, go-keyboard, go-dialer, go-contacts etc. 

Application Drawer : Application drawer displays the list of All , Recent , Current lists of applications and so we can manage them by deleting history and save memory through task killing.

Customization & Effects : As well as other GUI provide , Go-Launcher Ex has a list of customization features and 3D effects. 

Another Nice GUI from Android Market. This GUI is mainly based on the home panels and swiping of fingers.As in others swiping and 3D effects are present in this GUI

Home Panels : We can install Claystone launcher with the support of 3 panels and add other panels after installation. And application widgets can be also placed on them

News & Weather : Homepage is capable for bringing you the news & weather service. Feeds from Times Of India, IBN, Hindustan Times can be presented on homepage.

Claystone : Its a mutual page which displays useful services together. Contacts, photos, videos , Youtube, and more services are available in this page.

     Its another GUI which provides an Windows phone like UI experience to Android users. And windows phone 7 is known as the simplest operating system

Tiles : As in windows phone 7, each application will be displayed as tiles and the live tile service is also available here [ Still its not giving a complete windows phone hub experience ]

Pictures Source : Android Market