Sunday, December 4, 2011

 CES 2012 , What should we expect ?

The tech world is always waiting for new things and thats why the CES formed and being held in each January. And the Consumer Electronic Show is just one month away. Studying some history with the help of Wikipedia, CES is one of the major technology related trading show held in each January at Las Vegas Convention Centre , United States. This non-public trade show was in held June 1967 at first time in New York City. 
    Lets come to the present , CES 2011 When hears the words of CES's official websites words, CES 2011 is decided to be held Tuesday, January 10 - Friday, January 13 and there is a difference from usual date since the CES is usually held in first week of January. And its promised that the entire tech world will be there are CES for enjoying the awesome launch of Electronic Gadgets. 

   Expectations At CES 2012
 As i said before about the excitement of tech world , they [ We too ] expect a lot of gadget introductions in this CES. And we are adding here some of our thoughts which is formed by some reliable news sources. 

  It is one of the most expected thing in CES 2011.Actually its the expectations for the comeback of OLED in 2011 when it was failed in past trying to compete with other technologies. The problem was it's high expense but new production techniques are thought to be more promising and so we're likely to see the likes of Samsung and LG show off some large new OLED prototypes – probably 55-inch.

3D , 4K And also Smart TV
    The next expectations moves with expecting to see improved crosstalk-free flagship 3D TV models, universal active 3D glasses, and maybe even the appearance of some glasses-free active 3D prototypes which do the shuttering inside the screen. There will certainly be plenty of lenticular glasses-free 3D TVs on show, though if Toshiba's first-generation models are anything to go by they won't be terribly exciting.
    And 4K Panels are also expected to be launched in CES 2011. Which will give you a much sharper HD TV experience with 3840 x 2160 resolution while other HD TV's are only providing HD Experience at 1920x 1080 resolution. 

Keep Gaming....
        This CES has also made a deal with gaming section and it introduces some cool gaming systems. The reappearance of Wii U is expected in this CES 2012. And the rich tech rumors also states that Microsoft has decided to announce their X Box 720 before Sony's PS 4. 

Detailed Windows 8
    CES 2012 is waiting for the announcement of beta version of windows 8 when the windows 8 developer preview is only available. And in the last year's CES Microsoft had announced about their ARM support for windows. This will become an even bigger issue as traditional x86-based software will not be backwards compatible on ARM-based installs of Windows 8.
       And some rumors about ARM is also revolving the CES 2012 by the news of manufacturing of huge company's gadget with the support of ARM processors. 

    Still its not able to tell about the specifications of mobile devices which are announced in each tech related trade show. And still this theory exists i am not able to say all these specs and so i am giving a brief list of mobile devices which are planned to be published in CES 2012.

HTC : The latest rumored device from HTC is "HTC Quattro" and this is in 10.1 platform and the quad processor has only included. Quad core "HTC Edge" and Dual Core "HTC Ville" is also expected in this CES.

Acer :  Acer's Iconia 700 said to be the company's attempt to impress us a little more than it did with the boring Iconia A500, this time with a quad-core processor update. The A700 is also said to feature a 1080p resolution display, which ought to grab it a few headlines.

Samsung : Samsung has promised to launch Samsung Galaxy S III in this CES 2012. And still internet rumors is revolving the "Galaxy S III".

LG : The war between mobile device manufacturers don't end and so the LG will be there at CES with LG optimus U1 which has carried out the secret power of Android 4.0 [ Ice Cream Sandwich ]

Sony Ericsson : Sony Ericsson Xperia arc HD is also expected in this show whose details were leaked in the internet with richness.

   Here is only a brief list of those gadgets whose presence is gonna make this CES much valuable as well as rich. And let us see what will be really launched and how much of them will rock tech world with existence . . . . . . . . .