Friday, December 9, 2011

Most of us are well known about windows and some of us are users of Windows 8 developer version. Microsoft had announced that they are going to publish the beta version of Windows 8 in 2012 February.  And here is a special news, Microsoft is also going to launch a Windows Store which allows to get and use Metro-style apps designed for both Windows 8 tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Metro-style apps are primarily for managing photos, entertainment, social networking, and messaging on Windows 8 devices. in this February.
                       Actually this is a nice chance for application developers to get more revenue for their rich application works. Still Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market  is still providing 70 percentage of money which gets through apps sale but according to Microsoft's words, Windows store is ready to give 80% of revenue for each app developer. But if we are focusing on the revenue Chrome Web Store is better for app developers since they only takes 5% of commission in the revenue. The Windows Store will include free, and paid apps starting at $1.49. 

           Online Application market is a high tough region to exist for companies. But now apple and Google has scored high marks in this tight competition and Microsoft is a new one to this competition and they need hard work. There are about 12500000000 windows OS users and Microsoft hope that a large number in them may get transferred to Windows 8 when it is released. Windows Store is also a metro style app included with windows 8 and displays an catalog of available apps. If you are running Windows 8, you will then see a button prompting you to open the Windows Store app to install the program. And we hope that The internet explorer 10 included with windows 8 will give a direct link cum entry for Windows Store to fight against the existing Online Anyway lets wait till February 2012 and see whats going to be announced by Microsoft. . . . .

         Special For Developers : The fee for joining and submitting apps in windows store is same as which you have to pay for the membership of Mac Developer programme, $99. So Android Market is more profitable in the case of this fee because Android market only requires $25 to receive your rich apps.