Thursday, December 8, 2011

      You will probably become excited when hearing about Da Vinci Code in this tech blog. But this Da Vinci Code is not a novel or a film, Actually i used this word to introduce a brand new gadget since it's innovation is inspired by the novel [May be film] ' Da Vinci Code '. First of all i should say the gadget is a pen-drive, a most usual gadget in world of computers. And in the tech world filled with crimes, i can surely say that No data is completely protected. But this "Crypteks USB" is a solution for this problems because each bit of data in this pen-drive is 100% protected through hardware as well as software protection. lots of pen-drive security softwares are now available in tech world but most of them are not completely reliable to use. But this USB is quite different because it don't need any external protection. 
                         For first let us analyse it's hardware security systems. The system used in number locks is the secret of this gadget too. This pen-drive is covered with solid-aluminium alloy construction and numbers and alphabets are aligned in this covering. If you want more protection, 256 bit AES {Advanced Encryption Standard} is also available. And these coverings are the main password protection. 14,348,907 password combination are offered with this gadget. And this pen-drive can be only taken from the aluminium shield if you know the password. If you have taken this outside you may re-arrange the password. But sadly 'Forgot Password' option is not applicable in the case of this gadget because if you have forgotten it's password you should have to contact the costumer care since they can only reset it.                                     
        This gadget is also rich in the case of technical specifications that Cryptek's USB has amazing software and hardware quality as well as security of data. This USB flash drive has got an read speed of 24MB/s and a write speed of 10MB/s. Read only mode included in this gadget is allowing you to read your all data in PC with completely assuring user's data's security. 4GB, 8GB, 16GB capacities are available and all these types support on most of Operating systems. And its one of the milestone in data encryption system.