Saturday, December 3, 2011

      Today the 19th birthday of our usual friend ,Most of us utilize this friend at its maximum capability. As you may know the friend is SMS. When we listen to Wikipedia's words, the first SMS was sent through Vodafone GSM network in United Kingdom on 3 December 1992 and the luckiest man was Neil Papworth who used Short Messaging Service [SMS] to send a message from his personal computer to his friend Richard Jarvis who was using a orbitel 901 handset with Vodafone GSM network. The text " Merry Christmas " has a specialty since it offers the happiness of X Mas. The technology behind this service is 27 years old but the first use of service was done only after 6 years of it's invention. 
                           SMS technology has come a long way to dominant the current mobile messaging scene. In 2010, SMS texts generated $114.6 billion in revenues worldwide, but many believe it’s just the beginning. Experts estimate that mobile networks will earn $726 billion from SMS text messaging over the next five years. But i think its the bad time for SMS when the other instant messaging services and other ones such as iMessage, GroupMe are going to rule the messaging world of tomorrow. 
 Anyway Let Us Wish A Happy Birthday For SMS