Monday, December 5, 2011

       First of all let me say that its a bad news for most of computer  [Mainly Laptop] users since most of us use the Wi-fi internet connection. A study held in NCBI { National Centre For Biological Information } has proved that over use of laptop which is connected to internet through Wi-Fi is hazardous  to human re-productive system and it causes decrease in Sperm motility and increases Sperm DNA fragmentation. 
                   The experiment was interesting. The researchers placed some human sperms near a laptop which was downloading data and it was shown in that experiment 25% of sperms stopped swimming and 9% showed DNA damage when the sperms that kept away from computer was showed Swimming error only in 14%. And the researchers says that the Electromagnetic radiation through WiFi is the cause for the sperm zapping. And i don't want to say this new is soooooo sad and bad to hear 

Let Me Ask A Question ?

Will You Stop The Services Of Wi-Fi For A Good Re-Productive System ? 
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