Tuesday, December 6, 2011

        I think the miss of the great CEO Steve jobs has made an big change in Apple which is lying in their way of improvement as a big fault. If not why apple face these problems ?. Let me say about the problem. Now the problem is situated about the Apple's ibooks. 
  The European Union is now investigating about the ' illegal agreements ' which is formed between Apple and five major book publishers. The illegal agreements becomes more tight and dangerous when they adopting a controversial system known us 'Agency Model'. And this allows publishers, including Britain's Penguin, Harper Collins and Hatchette, to set their own price for books sold in internet or for retailers. And there is no need to say its totally a problem to retailers and costumers as well as this system provides huge profit for those publishers and may also for Apple [Who knows how much Apple gets as a commission ?] Yesterday the European Commission announced it had opened a "formal" investigation into the process which it worries could produce cartels and "restrictive business practices". 
                  Apple's represent was not ready to talk about European Union's investigation as well as the Holtzbrinck remarked that its a fake story. European Commission had also started an investigation against Google's illegal tricks for making more profits.