Saturday, November 12, 2011

        Spring Time Of Tablet PC
   We are very rich in the case of watching videos and no count on this view  even makes us surprised. But today we have to tell you a really surprising factor which is also connected about  the count of video views. 182 million Americans visited video content in September when we realize the Com Score's numbers observations. And the amazing factor is high majority of this viewers has selected Tablet PC to view those videos. And the share of tablet PC views has been increased by 30 percentage. 
                 And the company has also analyzed the count by OS and the count of playing time.And you can see the report of this study
    And when we take care of the OS of videos played , Apple's iOS has taken the majority share. Android and iOS devices make up 90 percent of the video hours for tablets and mobile devices. For tablets, unsurprisingly, iPad is king. i Pads were responsible for 99.4 percent of displays, 97.7 percent of total plays, and 95.7 percent of total hours streamed.
                                        But in the case of total played hours the Android is seeing an average conversion rate of 45 percent — one that’s considerably higher than that of i Phones at 22 percent. For tablets, Android devices were also higher at 47 percent compared to i Pads at 13 percent. Anyway these counts are the significant of the popularity of tablet computers and we can see tablet computing as a new era in Technology.