Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just A Click To Grow ?
                                                 Sometimes we say that the growth of technology is a big challenge to the agriculture and its growth and the introduction of electronic equipment and inventions has been turned agriculture a little bit low and its sure that its also a challenge. But we would really wonder while seeing the revolutionary invention from "Click And Grow", An Electronic Flowerpot.
                                  Can you believe ? you should believe because its the real nice side of technology and a great contribution to indoor agriculture. As i biology science student , i know root system is essential for each plant's growth and all activities which keeps the life in it. But in the case of this Electronic Flowerpot the sensors has taken the role of these root system. These sensors takes place in keeping correct water-nutrition balance with the help of Microprocessors and a software (Like CMS). Actually each Flowerpot is wired with sensors and the microprocessor and the software checks water-mineral balance through continues checking and and also transfers water by a refillable reservoir. And this refilling has been simplified through its a small light and once a month. And the owner have to check the light control and availability as well as the Flowerpot takes care of fertilizing.
                                                      And this awesome invention may be yours if you are ready to pay approximately $80 And its very sure that the electronic flowerpot is a great contribution of Technology For Agriculture.....