Friday, November 11, 2011

New Update For Apple iOS
                  As we know the quarrel between iOS and Android OS is running with its full powers. And the most recent problem which was present in iOS was its low battery life. And actually it was a blessing to Android OS. After analyzing this all problems. Apple has released their latest update to iOS, iOS 5.0.1 .
                                And apple says that so many features are added and modified in this version. The most wanted and added function is its battery life so apple has added something special to work against its low battery life. And this update is available as a OTA (Over The Air Download). Other major improvement which has been presented through this update is the re-appearance of Multi-touch gestures because these feature was disappeared in the iOS 5 as well there was a extra hard work too behind this features. And apple has also added its care in voice recognition feature especially for Australian users. And This update is seen as a strong reply from apple against Android and other Mobile OS.