Monday, November 7, 2011

PhorceField : A Field Protects From Hacking     
The password hacking and the misuse of online accounts are very usual in the internet world and some of us are also the preys of this cruel hackers. And the remembering of passwords are also a little bit sad for some people. Now all these problems has been resolved and i am so happy to let you know this news. The Brand new invention is "Picture Password". This most useful invention is by the Stony Brook university in London and its sure that picture password system can wipe out hacking for ever.

How It Works ?
Lets look at its good features which will help us to manage our online accounts so much safely. And this system is now known as PhorceField. That makes it almost impossible to login without viewing the correct images. PhorceField asks users to create a graphical password by choosing four images in a particular order from a set of twelve - you might choose pictures of a loaf of bread, a candle flame, and two more, for example.

How It Could Protect From Phishing & Hacking ?
                  If a phisher or hacker who want to hack your account tries to login, will be able to guess the secret picture. Since he knows nothing about picture's specs such as length, shot distance, shapes, he will be surely trapped. And its sure that he would leave the phisher site with keeping your website still safe. The research says that when they tested this system on 23 users, 76 percentage of them weren't able to reveal their password at the time of phishing. 
                                         its expected that they will present their work at the Annual Computer Security Applications conference in Orlando, Florida, next month.