Sunday, November 6, 2011

               The WAR With New Opponents
              The Mobile field is getting tight and tight day by day. The companies are hardly trying to exist and be the most popular, And as we know OS based war is also taking place in this field. The war between Android , iOS , Windows Phone has been became popular in no time. And the latest news says that this war is becoming more tight and hard to exist, Because the popular free OS Ubuntu is also stepping up into the Mobile OS Field. Actually its not a single step to mobile field its the step to much more fields such as Digital TV, On-Board navigation from Ubuntu team. 
                             This news was announced by Canonical company owner Mark Shuttleworth in the Ubuntu developers meet. And this news is quite interesting to us but not much happy to hear for other Mobile OS's. And its sure that Ubuntu mobile OS would be a strong opponent to the open source mobile OS, which is much popular as Android. But Ubuntu has also have given some time for other companies to develop because Ubuntu Mobile is only expected at too late which is about to be released in 2014. Anyway more features and better user interface is expected in Ubuntu Mobile OS which may migrate from the Ubuntu PC OS. Anyway let us hope for this revolutionary Mobile OS.