Monday, November 7, 2011

    Can You Buy A Tablet For $139 ?
In Late September we had posted about amazon kindle fire which was a milestone to the affordable Tablet PC. Today too i have something to tell you which is about a most affordable tablet PC, Nook tablet PC by Barnes & Noble.
                          When we comparing this tablet PC to Amazon kindle fire its much more affordable. First of all Nook is a thinnest Tablet PC which weighs about half pound.
                                        The user could find something interesting and useful contents inside this tablet. A Dual core 1GHz processor by Texas instruments , 1 GB RAM , 16 GB Internal Memory , 32 GB Expandable Memory (Micro-SD. These features are enough for a normal tablet PC user. But the main differentiation between kindle fire bases on the content availability 2.5 Million books , Thousands of apps are available with nice features such as 1080p HD Video Playback. This amazing tablet will arrive to the market from next week at the price of $289 and the base model of nook tablet , nook color is dropped down to $199 and the simple touch has gone to $139 - $89 , Which is a lower price when compared to other tablet PCs.