Tuesday, November 8, 2011

 Milestone Level Completed 
                                                       Please don't think that its the result of my NFS Game. In the last week we had posted about a news which was named as "November 8 A Milestone", And it was much breaking the ordinary tech news. Today we are here to explain to give you the continuation of that breaking news. Yes the company wireless republic has officially introduced their new device. Without any doubt we can say that its a milestone because its really amazing when wireless republic is letting you to make unlimited phone calls for just $19 (Approximately 1000 Indian Rupee). And all the users have to buy a new device to use device and thank god , its a android gingerbread 2.3 based device and we could find more interesting when the handset is available for $99 till November 27 and will be priced to $199 from November 27. Sadly this service is not portable and you can't use your own handset. I think it will be more useful reading Wireless Repulic's Official message.

Welcome to republic wireless.
So what’s it like here?
A reward for being first:
Join now, and pay $99. That’s $100 less than the normal $199 cost. You read that right. For $99 you get a new smartphone, and a whole new kind of mobile phone network.
Freedom isn’t free. It’s $19.
Almost immediately you notice what’s missing. The hefty monthly bills, the endless nickel-and-diming, the big red contracts…yes, we can hear you now. Do you hear us? With republic wireless, you pay a flat $19 a month for everything. Period.
How is that possible?
republic is a Wi-Fi network. Anything cellular can do, Wi-Fi can do better (and for less). That’s 21st Century technology. That’s also basic economics. So let’s all use Wi-Fi as much as possible.
Change the way wireless works
Decide whether to become a member now, or maybe later. Either way, like minds for evolving the industry are wanted here, today. You have thoughts to share, ideas to spread. Bring them to our forums. Keep up with us via our blog. Tell the republic what’s up.
Next stop: republicwireless.com
There’s so much more we have to show you. So visit, look around. Oh, that $99 offer we told you about? To get it, use the code welcome19 to join before November 27, 2011 at 11:59 pm ET.
Looking forward to being your new wireless network!
republic wireless
        And i don't need to say its quite interesting. And we are waiting for this service to launch in our country....... And Hope So soon. We Are Adding An Official Picture Which Would Give You A Correct Idea About This Technology.