Thursday, November 3, 2011

  Microsoft Office Again Under Attack

I think Microsoft windows have to check their horoscope and it would say that office field of Microsoft has been felled down to terror and the tech news are also stating that the news is right. A news has been released about a new virus "Duqu" which gets into our systems through the famous and most using office software " Microsoft Office ".
                                                         A small programming error in Microsoft office is the reason for this virus's creation. This virus is being spreaded through Microsoft office documents such as word documents and power-point presentations. Anyhow, Duqu appears to have infected approximately six organizations in France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, as well as India, Iran, Sudan and Vietnam. Other security vendors have reported infections in Austria, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran (with different infections to those reported by Symantec) and the UK.
               It is the working system of this virus which uses a small loophole in the "Microsoft office" And Microsoft had tweeted that they have started the work against that malware.  And this is a big challenge to Microsoft and challenging its reliability.