Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 Cell Phones Waiting For A Milestone.           
                                                         November 8 is expected as a milestone in the mobile communication technology history. We the subscribers should keep smiling because this service will cut your telephone bills into half. Can you imagine that ? you could imagine if you are welcoming the new technology which intermixes the VoIP Service and Mobile communication technology. Republic wireless, a new service from bandwidth.com is the new idea of a wonderful ERA.
                                             Actually all users who are the costumers of Skype, Google Voice, and Twilio are accessing the high quality VoIP service of bandwidth.com. And they also offers a premium VoIP service named phonebooth. And its sure that the service {Hybrid Calling} will become essential for a mobile virtual operator and also a normal cellular connection and a VoIP connection. In the homepage of this product we can see a promise  
                      "We drive cars. We vote. We can definitely join together to make a new kind of wireless network. One for us. One, in fact, that is us. In other words, we have our own Operating System. It's called Freedom, and it works."  
                                                    And as they said we can expect lots of new and useful features in this product which is able to change the whole mobile technology and start a new ERA. The next feature is the accordance with Android which is starring as a king in tech world. 

Main (Useful) Features In This Service

* Conversion between Wi-Fi And Cellular Network (This Service Will Use Wi-Fi while its available and switch back to cellular connection when Wi-Fi is absent.

* One Number In VoIP service too.

* SMS And Text Support.

* As You May Know So Cheap Rates.

                                        And the sad news is this service will be only available in US at the first time. And i am sure that this technology will also migrate to Another Countries