Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Convert Your Links
                         Through the revolutionary invention from Tech world QR Codes and this magic is still continuing with awesomeness because we can now make takeout menus very interactive as well as attractive.. The company paperlinks will help you to do this.Usually QR codes leads us to a website , mobile number etc. But when QR Codes are done by paperlinks the content and appearance totally twists. paperlinks app opens a landing page for each company which includes logo , modules tweets contacts and much more so those companies will achieve an other official website which will definitely increase their population and number of costumers.

                        To use this super functionality and features you have just to do scan the QR Code with your smartphone and the later works are given to the technology and you could order and use each service just with a tap on your mobile device. And if you have scanned the code one time it will exist for ever and give and instant access to company's interactive cum attractive menu. In some days paperlinks has attained about 15000 costumers such as nestle.