Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Sometimes our computer is performing with high intelligence more than sixth sense' Its our thoughts sometimes. But this thought has become true by the great indian scientist 'PRANAV MISTRY' , who was born in Gujarath , India. As his name there is also some mystery and excitement in his all inventions and theories. Especially the main project of pranav mistry "SIXTH SENSE".


And now the latest project of PRANAV MISTRY on sixth sense has been published. which is named PRECURSOR. A Virtual Touch Screen Programme.           
This programme is done by using some simple components. Instead of mouse we are using two infrared cameras. And this cameras makes a new invisible screen near original screen by the infrared rays that emits from these cameras. And when we move our hands infront of these cameras , it decods the presence of our hand and move the cursor to that specific place. And it makes clicks when we touch on these screen. And these simple but great invention will make computer easier to use and more intelligent than 'sixth sense'. And it will mainly help people who presents big slideshows or presentations in large projectors, infront of a big audience. And its the main importance of PRANAV's invention.
                                                                                        Pranav misty is now working in Massachuset institute of technology as a scientist.He has also worked in microsoft as a scientist.