Wednesday, August 10, 2011


                           Yes its real the answer to the rules of apple iOS terms.But AMAZONE said nothing about it because it is not a new thing. It is the PC version of AMAZONE's kindle e-book reader app that introduced to the i-phone and the android. But now, in the PC its performing its brilliance in PC when compared to the better perfomance that was found in "apple i-phone".

                                                                   Using this service we can read our favourit books and also can be downloaded to our PC who loves peacefull offline reading. To use these wonderfull we requiring one and only thing "An AMAZONE account". This service works in Google chrome and Safari web browser. So it can be used by PC,Macbooks, And also Chromebooks.It also supports in apple i-phone by using safari in i-phone.And we can also buy books using "kindle"
kindle e-book reader web pc version